Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Beaded Heart Mini-Quilt

The center of this quilt was beaded over a year ago, and hanging on the wall waiting for me to make it into something. After being asked to do a beading demo, it was time to finish up some of my projects, with this heart ending up in the center of a small quilt. The quilt is only about 12" square, and the tan beads filling the heart are size 14 and 15 seed beads, so that was the most time consuming in the whole design.

More Amulets!

I'd been wanting to make some appliqued (yes, I know it should have an accent mark - but I don't know how to get it there on blogger) amulets, so the pear is the first of those designs that I've finished. The blue amulet is from my pattern, although I added more beading on the bag part, since the fabrics that I chose needed more embellishing.

Beaded frog amulet

I think I actually finished the pocket part of this amulet before the kids got out of school in June, however family and other things had higher priority so it was put aside. While I was in a beading type of mood, I decided to finish it up. The pattern came from .

Fringed pocket purse (or tote)

It took me a long time to add all the fringe to this purse! There is an identical pocket on the other side to match this one, and all of it was done by hand, with beads that I mixed. It started out as just a test for a pattern I am thinking about, but evolved into it's own design.