Saturday, June 28, 2014

Cool Little Iron for Applique and more

Earlier this week, we were discussing irons for applique in my Crepe Paper Poppies class and I promised to take a picture and post information on the little iron I was telling them about in class.  I got this one several years ago, when I was working on a hand appliqued quilt and the tacking iron that everyone else thought was great, wasn't that way for me.  I do have a little Clover iron, but it is too tiny, and my regular iron is larger than the tacking iron, which was way too large for the tiny pieces I was working with, but this one was suggested for the quilt I was working on so I ordered it.  I love it, especially for little applique pieces!

This cute little iron is wonderful for applique of all types.  No holes to interfere with bonding, the angle of the head is adjustable, and the handle is so comfortable it's great to use!!!  Recently, I noticed it as one of the recommendations when I was on Amazon, and although I think the packaging has changed, it looks the same  and is called the Dritz Petite Press Portable Mini Iron.  So for those of you who are interested, you now have a link to find it.