Saturday, April 30, 2011

Aquitaine Cuffs - ruffle finished

It took me a little while to get back to the cuff, but now I've finished knitting the ruffle and working on the ribbing.  This time I made sure I noticed the little "*" in the pattern, and followed the directions, and it knit up much better, with the design rows aligning with those already knit!  Since I'm making the short version, it shouldn't take me too long to finish this one and start the second, if I keep to this project instead of others that are also in progress:-)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Another Bracelet!

Copper and furnace glass, what a beautiful combination!  I loved making this bracelet, and think I did a better job at scaling the jump rings and eye pins to a smaller, better size this time.  I still need to experiment with making the S clasp in a smaller size, as well as learning to make other types of clasps.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stitch Markers

I've been needing  more stitch markers to use when I'm knitting, and when I found I didn't have some for a new project I had started, I decided now was the time to sit down and make them.   They're very light weight, and the tiny wires don't take up space between the stitches when knitting with fine yarns on small needles that I use to knit things like socks and mitts.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Figs and Ginger - first panel

The first panel is sewn together, but after measuring and comparing to the beds these will be covering, I've decided that I'm going to need a few more rows.  Before I go and cut out more blocks, I'm going to sew the other panel together, so that I don't end up getting them out of order.  I also found what I think will be the perfect border fabrics, but they're in the wash, so I'll post a picture once they've been pressed.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Baskets and suppliers

Cindie asked if most of the baskets I've been making are from kits, and the answer is no.  I have made some from kits, and have a few more kits to make when I'm ready, but most of the time I make baskets from patterns that I buy individually, or from books.  Some basket designs use reed or other parts that are more difficult to find, or that I might not want to order separately, so those I tend to buy kits for, if they are available.  Kits are also nice to take along when planning to work somewhere other than home, because I can just pack the package and go, instead of needing to sort through my supplies and try to bring only what I really need, and also because I won't forget something important because I didn't see it on the list.

I try to link the name of the pattern, supply, or books I have used to a place that carries it online, so that you would be able to find it, and Blogger changes the color of the words to blue, so that you can tell that it's a link (I know that I could just change the color of my words, but I don't usually do that, so that you would be able to see linked words from my writing).

The Williamsburg Onion Basket pattern in my last post was purchased at, but I have also found patterns, supplies, and kits from,,  Royalwood, The Country Seat and Noresta, as well as a few other places, including Weaving Works, which is close enough that I can drive over and shop, although they don't have as many supplies as the online basket supply stores.  Noresta has the most colors of reed that I have seen!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Williamsburg Onion Basket

I've been wanting to make the Williamsburg Onion Basket for quite a while, but I couldn't decide whether I should dye the seagrass, or leave it natural, and finally decided to use the natural seagrass with smoked round reed.   The Williamsburg handle is woven in from start, and one thing I like about this pattern, is the filler reed in the bottom of the basket - no large holes for things to fall through. 

With the base almost finished, I get to start weaving around the basket, and then turn (or bend) up the stakes to start shaping the sides, but first I need to re-wet the reed, without soaking the handle.  My favorite way to do that is with wet, but not dripping kitchen towels, because it works like a charm!

Starting to weave up the sides:

A make-do seagrass holder (warping peg for winding weaving yarn and clamp) worked wonders, and kept the roll of seagrass organized for most of the weaving.  I'm so happy I thought of it!

It did take longer to weave the sides of this basket than the other ones I've made, and I know it's because it takes a lot more rows of skinny reed and seagrass to fill up the sides, than it does with wider reed, although I do love the look!

The sides are finished, and next time I work on it, I'll be working on the top edge and putting on the rim to finish the basket.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Book Reprinted - AGAIN!!!!!

OMG, I was blown away yesterday when a package arrived from my publisher! Inside was a copy of my book with a letter stating that it had been reprinted again, and this copy was from the third printing.  It was only released the beginning of October, so it has only been out for a little over 6 months!

Thank you everyone!!!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Demonstration at Gathering Fabric Scheduled

I've scheduled a demonstration at Gathering Fabric in Woodinville, WA from 10am until 2pm on April 29th.  Please plan to come see my quilting demo using these wonderful Grip & Stitch quilting disks!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Figs and Ginger progress

The blocks have all been trimmed to 6 1/2" x 6 1/2" (this is larger than the pattern states, so my quilt will end up a little larger than the size in the book).

The blocks were laid out on the floor, so that I could arrange them to look their best, and also to make sure they are mirror images of each other.

When I was happy with the way the colors flowed across the quilt, I stacked the blocks from right to left, with the rightmost block on top, and then stacked the rows, offsetting them so that I could easily pick up and sew one row at a time.  The block in the upper right of each quilt is on top of the stack, and I placed a little sticky note on top of each block with lines marking the angle of the colors and enough information to remind me how they were stacked, just in case I get interrupted.  Each quilt gets stored in it's own bag until I am ready to work on it, just to make sure they stay in order!

Here's a better view of one of the quilts in progress:

Wirework 101

This past Friday, I was able to take the beginning wirework class, Wirework 101, at Quiltworks Northwest, which is not just a quilt shop, but also contains a bead shop and is also my local Bernina dealer.  I tried working in copper and bronze and found these beads in their shop.  The tag says Howlite Mosaic Magnesite, and I thought they were the most beautiful beads! I managed to finish making this bracelet before I left:

I've still got a lot to learn, but loved the class, and have a new bracelet to wear!

Shirley A, You're a Winner!

Yes, Shirley A, you're the winner of a copy of my book Flower Show Quilts! Please email me at lynn @ (without spaces) with your contact information, and whether you'd like the book personalized, or just signed.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Figs and Ginger - blocks pieced and a mini lesson

All the Figs and Ginger blocks have been pieced, and I've begun trimming them down to size!!!  


As I was piecing the green and tan blocks, I had a wee problem, finding that I had reversed the deck as I was stitching the pieces together, and you can tell I wasn't paying attention, because I had sewn several pieces after the error, before catching it.  I decided to finish piecing the blocks and then go back and fix the problem, because there would be less chance of making another error, or larger mess.  Instead of ripping all the pieces off, I just rip about a half inch past the patch, to give me space to sew the correct patch back in place (a partial seams technique, in reverse).

And as I was ripping this block, I found that the first two pieces should have been sewn together, but needed to be swapped with another set of two patches to fix the problem, so ripped it out as well, and on the remaining blocks, I ripped the two joined patches out as one unit.  Now, after matching the units to the correct blocks, I'm ready to sew them back together.

A fixed block:

I'm starting to trim, and very happy I cut the fabric squares an inch larger than Karla had said to cut them, because now I can not only square them up, but am able to fussy cut them, centering the colors as I choose!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Figs and Ginger Quilt-a-Long

I've made lots of progress on the Figs and Ginger quilt lately, especially today!  In case you missed my first post, this pattern is from Karla Alexander's book, called "Stack the Deck Revisited", and I've decided to make two, one being the mirror image of the other, so that I can put them on a pair of twin beds and they will point towards each other, creating a chevron of sorts.  I thought it would be nice to do a quilt-a-long, hoping to see other people's versions of the same design.  Next time, I do a quilt-a-long, it will be one of my own designs, or a take-off from my book, making another project with those flowers.......

Enough talk, right now I'm piecing the red / yellow decks:

Here is my collection of pieced blocks, stacked  by color:

And the remaining decks are green / tan, but are the last pair of colors!

Once I have all the blocks pieced, then I'm going to have fun choosing where to crop the blocks as I trim them down to size, but right now, I just need the rest of the blocks pieced!

If you missed my last post, go back and read it, and then leave me a comment to be in the draw for a copy of my book!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Garden, Quilt, Knit, Knit, Weave... and Book Giveaway!

Since April showers are supposed to bring May flowers, I thought it might be time I offered to giveaway a copy of my book!  Post a comment to this post before April 15th, and on April 15th, I'll draw a winner, so you can start making a floral quilt in May! 

This year, my gardening started indoors, planting seeds in flats, but is now moving outside.  Space has been cleared for the peas, and they're now all in the ground. There are two kinds, snow peas and snap peas, and we're looking forward to eating the fruits of my labor in the future.  In the meantime, I'll be watching over these, as well as the other babies that will be to small to go outside for a while, like tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and some others.

The stack of sewn blocks for the Figs and Ginger quilts is growing, and I get a feeling of satisfaction every time I get to change to the next set of colors!

I've ripped back to my mistake on the Aquitaine Cuffs, fixed the error, and am now ready to move on:

My green Oatmeal Sweater, is moving along, and for those that were wondering what I was going to make with the yarn I'm spinning, this is the project that inspired the wool purchase, but since I'm making it in the green yarn, I'll probably choose a pattern when the yarn is finished.  The sleeves have been attached, and I'm now working on the pattern at the bottom of the yoke and working up, so I'm nearing the finish line! (Sorry, this isn't the best picture - the sweater is really green.)

On the weaving front, I've finished the scarf I showed you last time, and have begun to weave the last scarf on the warp.  This one will go much quicker, because the treadling pattern is easier, and I'm only using one shuttle!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Last night I thought I was making such great progress on my Aquitaine Cuffs, and was nearing the end of the charts, when I noticed the little *** symbols by the row number.  Oh no!  I had wondered why my first hooked bead wanted to sit at an angle, but figured it was the double decrease, and kept going.  Later, I noticed that the decreases seemed a stitch offset from where it looked like it should be on the chart, and still I kept knitting.  Why?  Because I was trying to follow a chart and knit, while watching a sub-titled movie!  I almost didn't do it, but couldn't stand the idea of sitting and watching the movie without something to keep my hands busy.  Lesson learned, and next time, I'll choose something that is either garter stitch,  a hand applique project that is either already basted into place and I can just stitch, or something else that is super easy, that I can just keep going!  At any rate, here's where I discovered what I did wrong, and now I need to rip back to that first hooked on bead (or maybe a row or two more, once I carefully compare the chart, instructions and my work):-(

Monday, April 04, 2011

Quilt, Knit, Weave, Spin...

Between yesterday and this morning, I shuffled and cut decks for the Figs and Ginger quilts:

I decided the quickest way to go, would be to cut each deck and place the sections onto card stock to keep everything in order.  These can then be stacked, ready for sewing.

Three stacks have been sewn into blocks, so I'm making progress:

My Aquitaine Cuffs are coming along nicely, and I'm halfway up the second chart!

I'm weaving some grey scarves in between other projects.  The warp is long enough for three scarves, each will be woven with a different pattern, and the first is finished, it's the swirling stars design in medium and light grey.  Now I'm working on the second scarf, which I would describe as interlocking tabs, as I don't know what the pattern would really be called, as it is only a number in the book, I'm using, which is A Weaver's Book of 8-shaft Patterns:

I'm also trying to do at least a few minutes of spinning each day, since I've decided to spin for a sweater.  When I was at the Allyn Knit Shop, I purchased a 3 lb bag of wool, which I seem to have lost the tag for:-(  It's soft, and I think it is a merino blend that is from local sheep.  There is some veg matter, which is seriously slowing me down, but otherwise, it is a dream to spin!  I'm spinning this wool woolen style, as it is a roving, and almost spins itself in that method, but there is so much wool, it is going a long way, so much so, that I feel like I'm spinning an endless bag of wool!  This is what I've spun so far (the numerical tags are to help me decide the order of bobbins to use when plying):

I still have quite a ways to go, and am wondering if I'll have enough bobbins, or if I'll need to start plying to empty some bobbins so that I can finish spinning.

Because this is such a large project, and the roving is quite thin, not needing to be pre-drafted or split, I'm spinning right out of the bag, only breaking the yarn when I get too thin, or have filled a bobbin.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

A Little Progress

The fabric squares have been cut for the Figs and Ginger quilts, but I've cut them an inch larger, so I could cheat and just unfold and cut squares from my fabrics, and save pressing for later.  Well, now is later, and I'm pressing and sorting the squares into decks.  Sorting decks for two quilts will take longer than if I was just making one quilt, but I'll do it all at the same time and be ready for cutting and sewing.

Here are my squares, and fabrics I'm considering for the borders on the right:

Even though I was tired last night, I couldn't resist knitting  a few more rows on the Aquitaine Cuffs:

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Aquitaine Cuffs - class with Sivia Harding

What a great class!  Today, I was able to take Sivia Harding's Aquitaine Cuffs class with my friends Ellen and Lucy, and we learned so much!!!  She began the class showing us different kinds of beads that could be used in knit projects, then continued with all the techniques we needed to know.  She even demonstrated other ways that we could add beads to our other projects, and I am so happy I was able to be there!  Some students made more progress than others, and at least one came with the project already started, so was already ahead of the rest of us.  Shortly before the class ended, we were encouraged to walk around to see everyone else's work, and I thought everyone's colors were beautiful, and sometimes combinations of bead colors and yarn were beautiful combinations that I probably wouldn't have thought to use together.  Of course we all have a lot more knitting to go, but we now know what we need to know to finish our cuffs.

My progress:


And Lucy's progress: