Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Figs and Ginger - blocks pieced and a mini lesson

All the Figs and Ginger blocks have been pieced, and I've begun trimming them down to size!!!  


As I was piecing the green and tan blocks, I had a wee problem, finding that I had reversed the deck as I was stitching the pieces together, and you can tell I wasn't paying attention, because I had sewn several pieces after the error, before catching it.  I decided to finish piecing the blocks and then go back and fix the problem, because there would be less chance of making another error, or larger mess.  Instead of ripping all the pieces off, I just rip about a half inch past the patch, to give me space to sew the correct patch back in place (a partial seams technique, in reverse).

And as I was ripping this block, I found that the first two pieces should have been sewn together, but needed to be swapped with another set of two patches to fix the problem, so ripped it out as well, and on the remaining blocks, I ripped the two joined patches out as one unit.  Now, after matching the units to the correct blocks, I'm ready to sew them back together.

A fixed block:

I'm starting to trim, and very happy I cut the fabric squares an inch larger than Karla had said to cut them, because now I can not only square them up, but am able to fussy cut them, centering the colors as I choose!

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Delighted Hands said...

These rate pretty high on the wow factor! Just stunning. I love to cut oversize-so much better when dealing with odd angles!