Thursday, August 06, 2009

Classes coming up...

In case you are interested, but not signed up yet, here's your reminder of this month's classes:

Tuesday, August 11: Creative Twist from 10am-3pm

Wednesday, August 19: Awesome Amulets from 10am-3pm

Wednesday, August 26: Textures and Dimension OR Details make the Difference from 10am-3pm These two classes and projects are both basket quilts, and so similar, that this time I'm letting student's choose their project, just let them know which quilt you wish to make, so you get the right pattern when you register.

Pictures and class descriptions can be found here, and you can always email me or call the shop if you have any questions.

These classes will be held at Fresh Air Farm, which is uphill from Gathering Fabric quilt shop, in Woodinville, WA. Registration is at Gathering Fabric, where you can see the Amulets and basket quilts

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Jammin' with Scarlet progress

Yes, I'm juggling a lot of tasks right now, last week, another ONE added, this week, TWO more! All I can do is work hard, and BELIEVE it wil all work out!

Anyway, I've been busy quilting between everything else. Right now I have 4 quilts ready for binding (yes, they are on the smaller size), and my little Jammin with Scarlet quilt is one of them that I can share with you:

Sorry about the mess around it, but this is just a quick, in-progress picture, and it's the top layer of my design wall, with other UFOs peeking out (those have to wait until I have time, and even this one may be a while.....) Unless I manage to do the binding on a road trip when those with higher priority aren't at a place that are workable in the car, it may be here a while.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Not much progress on these

The last time I showed you these socks, I was at this point:

and now I am at this point:

Yes, I know I haven't made much progress, although I have worked on it.

After the first picture was taken, I knit more, but kept having trouble, in that I would forget the make1s, and end up either ripping, or fudging, just to move forward. Finally, while I was in Sisters, OR in July, I realized that the original error was in one of the first few rows, and decided to rip it all out! Once I started over, it has gone more smoothly, and I'm making progress, although having much less time to knit, however, I only have a couple rows to finish up the heel flap, and then I think it will move faster, with only pattern on the instep.