Sunday, April 22, 2007

Fish quilt details

I was asked if I had any detail photos of the fish quilt, so here they are:
Close up of some fish and quilting on the left side of the quilt.
Detail of beading on starfish and some of the lower background.
Lower left detail photo showing small basket sponge, mussels, and more quilting.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Fantasy Fish almost finished

This quilt is still in progress, but almost finished. I had entered it in my local quilt guild's show before it was finished, so this picture was how it looked for the show (I wasn't done, but had to turn it in before the deadline - I've learned my lesson and won't enter a quilt that's in progress again). I'm still adding more embellishments, and will then block it. It is the first in a series of three, the largest of them will be made into a pattern, because it is the only one that will have all the creatures that will be contained in the pattern. The smaller quilts will have a subset of them, but also have other techniques added that will not be in the pattern, such as my basket sponge, sea feather, and mussels that are in this quilt.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Woodinville Wine Tasting - 2007 Shop Hop Block

Well here it is - this year's design for Gathering Fabric Quilt Shop reflects all the local wineries, some within walking distance of the quilt shop. This year they asked for a wine themed block, and while my first design was an applique block, they said that they had had many requests to have a pieced block. This one will be distributed with one template, rotary cutting and piecing instructions. If you live in Western Washington, or will be here visiting during June 20-24th, you should check out our shop hop. We have LOTS of quilt shops here, and each one you visit will provide you with an 8" block pattern, and some fabric to get you started making it. You can find the information at, just look for the shop hop link on the left of the homepage.