Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Beaded Heart Mini-Quilt

The center of this quilt was beaded over a year ago, and hanging on the wall waiting for me to make it into something. After being asked to do a beading demo, it was time to finish up some of my projects, with this heart ending up in the center of a small quilt. The quilt is only about 12" square, and the tan beads filling the heart are size 14 and 15 seed beads, so that was the most time consuming in the whole design.

More Amulets!

I'd been wanting to make some appliqued (yes, I know it should have an accent mark - but I don't know how to get it there on blogger) amulets, so the pear is the first of those designs that I've finished. The blue amulet is from my pattern, although I added more beading on the bag part, since the fabrics that I chose needed more embellishing.

Beaded frog amulet

I think I actually finished the pocket part of this amulet before the kids got out of school in June, however family and other things had higher priority so it was put aside. While I was in a beading type of mood, I decided to finish it up. The pattern came from .

Fringed pocket purse (or tote)

It took me a long time to add all the fringe to this purse! There is an identical pocket on the other side to match this one, and all of it was done by hand, with beads that I mixed. It started out as just a test for a pattern I am thinking about, but evolved into it's own design.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Frottage printing

The other night I did some more homework for the online monoprinting class, and here are my frottage prints. I did the rubbings using Sennelier oil pastels, which were nice and creamy to use, but now I need to get them set into the fabric so that they won't rub off. The fabric was a scrap of my multicolor hand dye.

Setacolor fabric painting

These were all painted outside with my driveway protected with plastic. Some of the paint was just sponged or brushed, but sometimes I just poured the diluted paint, and one of the sunsets started out as a spill - luckily it turned out to be a good oops.


Well, right now I'm taking an online class on MonoPrinting with Susan Sorrel at, and since I haven't had time to figure out how they want pictures uploaded there, I'd just upload them here. There are quite a few, so they may be slow to load, and are just a little of what I'm doing.

These are shaving cream prints - done with fabric paints.

Another Harvest Gathering

Well, I've just finished another copy of my Harvest Gathering quilt! The original was pictured in "Quilt Sampler" magazine in August 2004, along with my pattern (of course, edited by them to fit their format). I just printed and released the pattern before school started this year, and my LQS wanted to have a sample using current fabrics - so I made another one - this is my fourth!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Hussif and Needlecase Complete

Well, my hussif and needlecase are finished! The hussif is made up of four sections, and the right and leftmost ends fold in towards the center, then it folds in half, like closing a book. It's been an interesting project, with the hardest part deciding what to include and how I will attach all my tools and how to hold my threads, as well as how to keep it closed. The easiest part was the pockets, although the embellishing was the most fun! The top row is the inside of the hussif (left half, then right half), second row shows the cover back and front, and then the second picture is the inside part of the cover. Last is the needlecase, which fits in a pocket that is under the picture of the little girl sewing. I ended up doing some wirework, using jewelry wire, to make rings and straight thread holders, as well as a hook and eye closure to hold the hussif closed.

Hope you enjoy the pictures,

Lynn M

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Pursif Finished

Finally, my pursif is complete! I'm still trying to finish the last little details on my hussif, and then I'll post pictures of that too.

Come visit again,

Lynn M

Friday, September 30, 2005

Quilter's Warehouse

In my rush to post my quilt picture, I forgot to tell you that my patterns are now available at Quilter's Warehouse! It's big news for me, as it is the first distributor to carry them, so go take a peek and let me know what you think - or what you'd like to see in the future. The link is in the right column, or you can click on .

Thanks for visiting,

Lynn M

Summer Bounty

Well, I'm finally getting back here to update my blog! I've finished a new project for a class I'm teaching locally, and thought you'd like to see it. It was designed to have a variety of textures, and an illusion of dimension (as well as a few beads for real dimension), and have lots of the stitching that I always do on my applique quilts.

Of course, I'm still working to finish my hussif and pursif, and with just a few details to finish, it should be done soon.

Lynn M

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Grape Fairy

I thought I'd upload a picture of my Grape Fairy quilt. Originally, I designed it for a contest at my local quilt shop Gathering Fabric, where it won Best Applique. Since then, I' ve had numerous requests for a pattern, and so I'm now busy trying to finish it up!

Harvest Gathering

I've finally finished my Harvest Gathering pattern! It was designed and published in the premier fall issue of Quilt Sampler Magazine.

hussif almost finished

My hussif has four sections on the inside (peachy cream) and four on the outside (gold), including the cover. The first picture shows the two ends of the outside folded in, and the second is the inner section with my pin cushion. The last picture is my hussif cover (picture taken with the hussif spread open).

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Hussif and Pursif Progress

Well, I promised pictures, so here they are. The upper picture is of my thimblecase, which is really just a tiny doily that I made from one of my crochet books, that has a twisted thread cord that can be tightened to close it. The lower picture shows both the outside (gold), and inside (cream), with all the machine stitching finished, ready to finish sewing the laces on and then the pockets to the base fabric.

Well back to work,

Lynn M

Lace dyeing results

Well, I've been busy, and one of the things I've been up to is dyeing lace for a sewing hussif and pursif. The hussif will hold all my sewing tools and the pursif will hold it (or maybe just be a purse). I usually just dye laces in whatever color I feel like at the time, with no specific place to use it, however this time I wanted to coordinate all my fabric, lace ribbon and thread for a more uniform look. I was able to find everything, but enough lace, so I decided to get my dyes back out. The dyes I used for this project were OzeCraft and Rainbow Dyes, and need to be heat set in the microwave or with an iron according to the manufacturers.

Enjoy the pics,

Lynn M

Saturday, July 16, 2005

More quilts!

Well, here are two more quilts that were finished in June and the beginning of July. The first is called Dragonfly Pond, and the second is Heavenly Hearts. The originals are here in my local quilt shop, but I had requests for sample quilts, so I needed to finish some duplicates.

Well, back to my sewing room,

Monday, July 11, 2005

Another Amulet and more

Another amulet! This one is not in my patterns, although the previous ones and more are in my pattern "Awesome Amulets", which is available at the shops listed under "links".

This week has been busy! My husband is taking some time off, and we just picked up our new boat! So while he is busy installing electronics so that we can take it out, I've been busy working on a really large quilt. It will be an oversized king when it is finished, and so far I've made two sizes of star blocks, the largest of the half log cabin triangles, and am busy working on pinwheel blocks. I started with a large fat quarter pack of the "Gingham Rose" by 3 Sisters for Moda, but quickly realized that I needed to get some larger pieces for the border and binding, and more.

I also have a huge crazy quilt in progress that I hope to finish by the end of the year! There are twelve 20" blocks that are almost finished. They will be put together with sashing and layered with batting to help protect the backing fabric from the knots, etc. Since I am planning to do either regular quilting or sashiko style quilting in the sashing and border, it still has a lot of work to be done, and will require a regular binding to finish the edges.

Well, enough for now,

Lynn M
LAM Designs