Monday, October 03, 2005

Hussif and Needlecase Complete

Well, my hussif and needlecase are finished! The hussif is made up of four sections, and the right and leftmost ends fold in towards the center, then it folds in half, like closing a book. It's been an interesting project, with the hardest part deciding what to include and how I will attach all my tools and how to hold my threads, as well as how to keep it closed. The easiest part was the pockets, although the embellishing was the most fun! The top row is the inside of the hussif (left half, then right half), second row shows the cover back and front, and then the second picture is the inside part of the cover. Last is the needlecase, which fits in a pocket that is under the picture of the little girl sewing. I ended up doing some wirework, using jewelry wire, to make rings and straight thread holders, as well as a hook and eye closure to hold the hussif closed.

Hope you enjoy the pictures,

Lynn M


joy said...

Hi, I am a crazy patcher and embroiderer and just love your work. Saw your blog on the CQ online site. The hussif is superb,also the pursif what is inside it? I'm from New Zealand.

Chloe said...

Beautiful - just spotted you from the signature too. I'm subscribing so I know where to find you again

Candi Harris said...

Your site is awesome and your husiff is absolutely gorgeous! I was doing a search for a hussif pattern for a fellow cq'er that can't afford to buy anything right now. You mentioned you downloaded the pattern, was it a freebie? If so could you let me know where you got it.
Thanks soooooooooooo much!
Candi H.

I bookmarked your site, it's awesome and I want to share it with some others. Thanks for being there.

Pamela said...

What a beautiful hussif!! I was looking around for a pattern as I'v started making a patchwork hussif and wondered if I could see some others.
Thank you for sharing the picturs of your exquisite work - it will become an heirloom some day.

Sharon said...

Lynn it is beautiful....