Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sumptuous Surfaces class progress

I'm taking another class at, this one being the Sumptuous Surfaces class with Sharon Boggon. Above are pictures of my journal, with today's notes and sketches of ideas for her class. It remains to be seen if this is the sketch I'll work with by the time we start working with fibers, but right now this is the idea that's calling me.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

mermaid fatbook page

Well, I'm slowly getting all those paper swaps that I signed up for finished, and these are for a mermaid fatbook that I'm participating in. It took me quite a while to find an image that would work for this page, as I needed it to be the right size and shape, but I finally found this one on one of the image discs that I had purchased from Tuscan Rose. Once I had the background and the image in place, I made a template for the tail, which I made from a double layer of paper glued together for strength. It has a tab that is glued in place between the front page and the back page to make it very sturdy. I think I only have one more swap that's due in September, and then I'll be caught up!

CQ purse

This purse has been in progress for over a year. It all started with the flap, which was pieced by Maureen Greeson. She made the CQ backgrounds for a group that I was a member of, but has sadly disolved. (Previously, I had been working in a rainbow of colors on some very large 20" blocks, which still need to be assembled into a quilt.) As I embellished the rectangle, I thought I'd like it to be more than just a small framed piece, and the idea of a purse began. I cut a couple rectangles of cotton fabric for the foundation, and then used a sew and flip method to piece the rest, adding lace and ribbon as I went. The embroidery was fun, but I decided that a purse would have to be more durable, so tended to go with embroidery that would be more durable, especially for the back (although I didn't want it to be plain). Maybe someday I'll a trim around the flap, but couldn't find anything I liked, so for now this is how it will be.

my first paper dolls

Each one is a bit different, but I had fun creating them for an ATC doll swap.

Beautiful Bargello quilt is finished!

Well here it is, this is a re-creation of the quilt that was made for a gift in December 2006 that was never photographed. The other quilt has the dark blues at the bottom, however when I showed this one to my husband, he looked at the fan pattern in a couple of the fabrics and said the shape looked like mountains. Sooo, this one was turned 180 degrees to give the illusion of a bold, beautiful garden with mountains and a deep blue sky, remiding me of the tulip fields up in Mt. Vernon, WA. I'm planning to make more of these having various fabric styles and then a pattern, which I hope to have ready in the fall.