Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Beautiful Bargello quilt is finished!

Well here it is, this is a re-creation of the quilt that was made for a gift in December 2006 that was never photographed. The other quilt has the dark blues at the bottom, however when I showed this one to my husband, he looked at the fan pattern in a couple of the fabrics and said the shape looked like mountains. Sooo, this one was turned 180 degrees to give the illusion of a bold, beautiful garden with mountains and a deep blue sky, remiding me of the tulip fields up in Mt. Vernon, WA. I'm planning to make more of these having various fabric styles and then a pattern, which I hope to have ready in the fall.

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Elizabeth said...

This is beautiful! I love bargello needlework but some how with the fabric you've carried it beyond tha to make a picture that speaks to me of traveling up a mountain side when everything is in bloom.