Wednesday, July 11, 2007

CQ purse

This purse has been in progress for over a year. It all started with the flap, which was pieced by Maureen Greeson. She made the CQ backgrounds for a group that I was a member of, but has sadly disolved. (Previously, I had been working in a rainbow of colors on some very large 20" blocks, which still need to be assembled into a quilt.) As I embellished the rectangle, I thought I'd like it to be more than just a small framed piece, and the idea of a purse began. I cut a couple rectangles of cotton fabric for the foundation, and then used a sew and flip method to piece the rest, adding lace and ribbon as I went. The embroidery was fun, but I decided that a purse would have to be more durable, so tended to go with embroidery that would be more durable, especially for the back (although I didn't want it to be plain). Maybe someday I'll a trim around the flap, but couldn't find anything I liked, so for now this is how it will be.


Pat Winter said...

Very beautiful.

rosebudinnh said...

oh wonderful, love it rose