Friday, March 31, 2006

Teriffic Tote - with grape cluster pocket

The grapes are another pocket choice for the Teriffic tote. These pair up with the grape and wine fabric that I found at my local quilt shop, and will be included in the pattern.

inkjet transfer

I finally took the time to play today, and these are my very first inkjet transfers! Thanks to the inkjet transfer group and Lesley Riley's book "Quilted Memories", they turned out great. They are still drying, but I was so excited, I had to take a picture right away. The only acrylic medium I had was Jo Sonja's Textile Medium, so that was what I used. It is in a squirt top bottle, so I just squirted some out and used a sponge makeup blending sponge to spread it evenly, adding more until I thought it was larger than my printout. The transfer was printed with durabrite inks on Apollo inkjet transparency sheets, and trimmed a bit larger than the design. I laid the printout, ink side down into the medium, and used a brayer, working from the center out, and then back and forth. After a few minutes (about the time to rinse the brayer and get another print onto the fabric), I gently peeled the transparency plastic away, and all the ink had transferred to the fabric. I still cannot believe how easy, and how nice it came out!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Shop Hop Block for Gathering Fabric

Since they opened, I've been creating the shop hop block for Gathering Fabric. The first year's block and quilt is the reason I opened my pattern business. This year they decided they wanted to have a railroad theme for theWestern Washington Shop Hop, so the above block will be it! The block will also be one of the pocket choices for my Terrific Tote pattern, along with three more, for a total of 5 pocket choices. I'd better get back to finishing the others, so you will be able to see them too!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Terrific Tote with Crab Pockets

This is my newest tote! I'm working on a pattern for this one, and will also have 4 other pocket choices. I'll post pictures as they are finished, and the pattern will be ready in time for our Western Washington Shop Hop (of course, one will be my shop hop block on the pocket, and the main fabric will be the shop hop fabric). The tote is about 18" wide and 12" tall.