Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Jammin' with Scarlet progress

Yes, I'm juggling a lot of tasks right now, last week, another ONE added, this week, TWO more! All I can do is work hard, and BELIEVE it wil all work out!

Anyway, I've been busy quilting between everything else. Right now I have 4 quilts ready for binding (yes, they are on the smaller size), and my little Jammin with Scarlet quilt is one of them that I can share with you:

Sorry about the mess around it, but this is just a quick, in-progress picture, and it's the top layer of my design wall, with other UFOs peeking out (those have to wait until I have time, and even this one may be a while.....) Unless I manage to do the binding on a road trip when those with higher priority aren't at a place that are workable in the car, it may be here a while.

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