Thursday, June 22, 2006

Stars 'n' Stripes

Well as they say, "necessity is the mother of invention", and this quilt really proves that point. It's been really busy around here, and one of my son's teachers had a baby - so as a quilter, I felt I needed to make her a quilt. Since I wanted my son to be involved with the project, he helped choose the fabric, and when I asked him about the design, he said he wanted curves and stars, and this is what I came up with. I've cut two quilts in under an hour, and the last one I made was finished in about 7 1/ 2 hours, including quilting and binding! My local quilt shop saw it, and had to have the pattern - so it's now available.


Brenda L. Minor said...

It's a beautiful quilt! I can remember having teachers that wanted the students to JUST DO IT and not to worry about rules and whatnot. It was probably because SHE KNEW that if we just did it..we'd be surprised by the end results. Some of my nicest things have been those projects.... Glad you made them and I bet the recipient just loved it! Brenda M.

Kate said...

Wow - that is such a lovely quilt, and it looks like your son has inherited your great style. Your son's teacher will love it!