Sunday, November 19, 2006

Forever project final update

Well, since the signature on my project kept bothering me, and I thought I wanted more contrast, I just had to mess with it again. Other than being able to make the signature blend in more, maybe I shouldn't have messed with it again.... Anyways, I thought the title blended in, and the whole piece was too gold, so off to the paint shop I went. Since there wasn't any lighter bronzy color, I added a pearl white and pearl shimmer to my bronze to add more lights, removed the original signature as much as I could, then re-signed it, ending up with the upper photo. Now it felt too silvery - I guess I was just getting picky, but I decided to thin out some darker colors that I had used when I had painted the background with gel medium, then shaded around the corners. I also added more bronze (with less of the pearls) to the ladies to tone them back down a bit. It's finished other than adding varnish to protect it - finally!

1 comment:

MaryO said...

It looks great, Lynn, but then I thought it looked great already!!! You'll be lots happier with the signature toned down(I can't see it at all now). One of my painting instructors had us sign everything on the back of our work!