Friday, February 09, 2007

ATC meets Chunky Book

Here's my page for another chunky book swap that I'm participating in. I can't wait until the bound books with other people's artwork come back to me! For this swap I needed to make a 4x4" page with a pocket on the back to hold an ATC. The only way I was able to get the pocket deep enough, was to use a 4x6" card and fold the bottom edge up 2", leaving me with a 4x4" page. Since I tend to glue separate front and backs together, the fold-up pocket needed to be upside-down when it was printed, and I found that I couldn't glue the two rectangles first, because it made it too hard to fold. I ended up folding the back page, and cutting the pocket portion off the front page and glueing them separately to the front and pocket of the back pages. The ATC was much easier - just glueing the front and back together! The finishing details aren't in these photos (too dimensional to scan), but after I finished glueing, I used a gold leafing pen to edge the card and ATC, and attached a ribbon tag and metal rose to the outer edge, at the side of the page.

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