Sunday, March 25, 2007

ATCs and Books

I'm busy working on another quilt - this time a fish quilt of my own design. When it's finished, I'll upload a picture, but since that will probably to be at least another week, I thought I'd upload more paper arts that I fill in my short spots of time working on. This is the cover of a book that I made for my friend Ellen. The base is actually made from paper bags covered with hand-painted papers. More hand-painted papers are inserted in the pockets between the pages, and all have been left blank of embellishment so that she can add whatever she wants to make it her own.

Here are four of the ATCs I made for the Dreaming Tree ATC swap. I've handpainted the backgrounds with the trees, then added images to complete them. Each one is a little bit different!


BlueJude said...

Your work is wonderful! I LOVE the book cover!

Valerie said...

Atcs are great ! Valerie