Thursday, November 01, 2007

giraffe art quilt in progress

This week I had some time to get caught up in a couple classes that I'm taking at joggles. One assignment that I was behind in was creating an animal quilt in colors that were not realistic.This is the Dover image that I decided to work with, as it had larger areas to work with, and the giraffe's portrait just plain appealed to me.

It was hard to decide what colors to use, and I had considered orange for the giraffe, so boldly started with a watered down salmon fabric paint, which dried a bit too pink for me. This was then washed with golden yellow. Next I went with orange as the main color, highlighted with yellow and shaded with dark purple. Tiny highlights were added with an iridescent purple gold metallic fabric paint.


Paddy's Daughter said...

He is gorgeous Lynn! Love the colours too. Actually I'm not sure why you are doing this Joggles class - you really don't need it!!

Beverly said...

Lynn, I had to google you to figure out how to contact you- I have no problem with you taking the photo of your card for your records. And, your journal quilt is lovely, by the way.