Monday, October 19, 2009

Woven Scarf

Here's one I've been holding out on, considering whether or not to post, but here it is:

This scarf was a lesson in choosing the right yarn for weaving, fixing a broken warp, and took quite a bit of patience to finish. After about 2" I almost cut it off the loom and threw it in the trash, because the warp was wanting to pill and shred, and one of the warp threads broke. I was able to continue, and finish weaving by using less warp tension, but that made it very difficult to get nice selvedges (hopefully it will look ok after washing). Both warp and weft are Mini Mochi, which is a gorgeous, soft, cushy yarn, but meant for knitting, and although it was nice as weft, I should have used another compatible yarn for the warp. Lesson learned.

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