Friday, March 12, 2010

A little progress, lesson learned

It's been busy around here, between family, the book (which should be back in the editor's hands by now), weaving classes (once a week with homework - I'll have to post those later), my pattern business, work on the new shop hop block for this year's Western Washington Quilt Shop Hop.

For the weaving class I'm taking, I've rented a table loom from the shop, and after weaving the first few samples on it, decided it was best to finish my scarf (pictured above, in progress, finished pictures to come later), so I could get it off the loom and do my weaving homework on my Spring loom, as I'm much more comfortable warping my floor loom, than the table loom, and the weaving usually goes much faster too.

I found several problems when warping and weaving this scarf. It all started with one or two threading errors, which I thought I had fixed, until I was well into the scarf and stubbornly refused to rip again (the yarn wanted to stick to itself, and was aweful to unweave), and then there were occasional uneaven beating areas. I really NEEDED to just sit and weave to relax. Of course, when I had woven the long 72" scarf (because I wasn't thinking!), I found that I had enough leftover warp, that I could have just cut the first part of the loom, fixed the remaining errors, and still had enough warp for a perfect scarf (or close), so if I was to do it over, I'd rather have a short scarf than a flawed one.

Now just because I said I wanted to use the floor loom to go faster, the project I'm working on for class right now is a rug warp with fabric strip weft bag, and since I decided to pick and choose the fabric strips as I went, it is not going all that fast (although faster than I thought it would).

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