Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Mitts

The mitts I've been wearing are getting a bit pilled, and don't go with all my clothes, so on the last road trip I decided to start on a couple new pairs.  This first one is fun to knit!  I'm using a multi-colored sock yarn and making a pattern called Mitt Envy.  Since I like to use two double-pointed knitting needles for small, round projects, like socks and mitts, I use one of the extra dangling needles as a cable needle.  That way I don't have my cable needle falling on the floor of the car, or worse, getting lost between, or under the seats:-)

The second pair are called, Etesian Fingerless Mitts, and they have this nice texture created by making cables that aren't lined up as you normally would.  This pair are more tiring to work on, partially because of the color, and partially because I chose to use cotton / linen yarn, which doesn't really stretch.  (I'm hoping they will last a long time, without pilling.) I do love the pattern, and will probably make another pair in a more stretchy yarn, sometime.....

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Delighted Hands said...

Very pretty and timely knits!