Monday, January 16, 2012

TAST Weeks 1 and 2

A few weeks ago, I said I was going to take part in TAST 2012 (Take a Stitch Tuesday) and I've been working on it in different ways, but hadn't sorted out the "how" part  for myself, because I didn't just want to do rows of stitching samples, I want it to work on something that will become something more than just a stitch sampler.  Finally, I decided that I'd really like to try to make a garden with these stitches, experimenting as I go and hopefully the results will work out.

The first week was Fly Stitch,  and I was experimented working on a light hand dyed linen.

The stitches were ok, but it wasn't the look I was hoping for, so I went in search of a fabric that was more green and began again.   This past week has been Buttonhole Stitch, so I added a little more stitching.  I'm still not happy with what I've done so far, but may keep working on this one and see where it goes, or maybe continue working on both pieces.......

During my search, I found a stitch sampler that I made several years ago and thought you might like to see it.

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Delighted Hands said...

Very pretty! I used to do lots of hand stitching; I like the look but don't find a place for it like I used to. My fav jeans used to be covered with good thing about the '70's! lol

You could do blocks for a quilt....