Sunday, October 28, 2012

Watercolor Pears

We had a small, but very nice pear harvest this year!  With all those pears around, they naturally became an object to paint!  We've still got a few in the fridge, but along with these paintings, I took some pictures to use for future painting sessions.  

This two page spread was painted by picking up one pear at a time, deciding which side to paint, and then sketching the shape on my pre-stamped journal page.  I continued to add pears until I was happy with the layout and felt I had enough to play with paint colors, and then began painting.  The colors were mixed on the paper, as I painted, instead of on the palette.

This page is actually the first of the group that I painted (forgive my shadow over the painting - it was a quick picture).  As I painted more pears, I think my technique improved.  If I would paint more frequently, my painting would improve faster...

The smallest (only a bit larger than a credit card) pear is my favorite!  I decided to add salt and it really brought out the speckles that are on our pears, something that is missing in the other paintings.

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Delighted Hands said...

Very good-I like the last one, too-very nice texture!