Thursday, June 13, 2013

Airplanes for Dad

Some airplane fabric has been hiding in my stash for a few years, while I tried to decide the best way to turn it into a quilt for my dad.  I decided I'd better make something made that he could use, have around him all the time, was washable by anyone, and finished in time for me to take it to him for his 92nd birthday.  Since I had two fabrics with airplanes, one with a white background and the other with black background, a simple block would showcase them best, but sashing and a touch of red would give it a little spark of color.

He loves the quilt!  Told me all about the airplanes, if he had flown that type or had a friend that had had one.  He even complained some were not "exactly" correct, and of course I had to keep reminding him the planes were artwork that may have been drawn and colored by someone who might not have known anything about them. Unlike the real thing, you can only fit so much detail on a tiny plane that is printed on fabic :-)

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Delighted Hands said...

Wow, the colors all lend themselves to 'movement' which is perfect for this quilt! So glad you got yourself psyched to make this one finally!