Sunday, June 10, 2007

Busy, productive week!

After the fish quilts were finished, patterns finished, and everything delivered, I decided to do some of my messy projects. One of them was a third try at making soy silk paper, and the third time was the charm! The first two times I tried, I didn't want to hang the paper to drip dry, and let them dry on freezer paper - problem was the back was shiny and tacky - not what I wanted:-( So, this time the floor was covered, I let them drip dry, and was rewarded with beautiful soy silk paper (still need to heat set, but almost ready to use). Next, tissue paper was layered with jute string, and painted with thinned painting medium. Once it dried, I painted parts with watered down liquid acrylics.
Two pieces of paper came from the art store unpainted(I think they're both from Japan), but I added paint, and now they're beautiful!
Here are more of my painted tissue paper. The matt black is the only color that I painted both the front and back to make sure it would be opaque when used in a collage, the others are much more transparent, some more than others.
Of course, I didn't sit around waiting for paint to dry, and among all the other things I'm re-creating that bargello that I never got a picture of.

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Toni Curtis said...

Your work is absolutely beautiful. I love working with handmade papers so this is a real treat. Thanks for sharing, Toni