Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Fantasy Fish quilt pattern is done!

Well, I've finally finished all three of my fish quilts! This one has all of the fish and other creatures, so it is the patttern quilt. The other two are smaller, and can be made from the same patterns. Of course, you could also make a larger or smaller quilt with more or fewer creatures, and a single fish would look great on a placemat! People are always asking about my quilting, so I've included a few close-ups so you can see all the details. The earlier fish quilt post had the quilt that is just a bit smaller than this one - it is the same width, but shorter than this one, so could not fit the last couple of fish. It also had extra embellishment that is not in the pattern. This quilt only contains the fish and other creatures that are in the pattern. Fussy cutting the fabrics you have, or can find in the quilt shops can help to create a more realistic-looking undersea world.

If you live in Western Washington, the three quilts are going to be in three different shops for you to see. Today, they are going to Gathering Fabric, Quilting by the Sea, and The Sundown Quilt Shop. Links to these shops can be found under links, in the upper right.

Later today or tomorrow I'll upload pictures of the small quilt, as I'm out of time right now - have to go deliver those quilts!

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