Sunday, September 30, 2007

quilting samples

While writing up the free-motion quilting class, I decided I needed to have some new samples that will eventually be bound together into a fabric book. I've intentionally tried to stitch them in a way that a student might be able to follow my stitching, instead of back tracking as much as I normally would. I thought you might like to get a peek, so here is part of a page with few leaves. When I teach in person, my plan is to bring the book along so that it can be passed around for reference when I'm busy helping someone else.


Plain Jane said...

If you've been reading along in joggles, you know I could use your free motion stitching class! I do love these leaves.

Paddy's Daughter said...

Love your leaves too - machine quiiting is not something I'm much good at! Need more practice I guess, but keep ripping it out if it does not look good. Would love to see a photo of your doorway - how about posting one here? Sue