Thursday, October 11, 2007

quilted book cover progress

While I was finishing up my class lessons, I wanted to have a trapunto sample. Another thing I wanted to have time for was making a book cover with a piece of my sun printed fabrics that has been hanging around my sewing room. So, here is my combination project! The large leaf is actually a trapunto leaf, and there is both a layer of batting and fast to fuse between the top and back. It is in colors that I normally wouldn't use for leaves and landscape, but that was what my fabric dictated I do. The cover still needs to be assembled and edges finished, but I'm making progress. The lessons are now finished and sent, so now it is time to do some of my regular chores caught up so that I can get back and finish this book cover.

1 comment:

verobirdie said...

For me, trapunto is white :-) I had not though of a printed trapunto, and I was wrong. Yours is beautiful.