Sunday, January 13, 2008

Janet's Influence, a work in progress

Last year, inspired by a trip to Penn Cove Pottery on Whidbey Island, I enrolled in a class taught by Janet Steadman to learn her method for free hand cutting and piecing. Using a stack of batik fat quarters, I made lots of blocks and then arranged them with two of my son's help and both a green and red value finder. Yes, it took three people, because when I sorted using red it grouped some of the colors, and green did the same thing, but differently, and neither were particularly attractive to me. With the boys help, I was able to use both colors, as well as the real colors. This allowed me to give them choices, and see if other possibilities would work. (Of course, if I had a huge design wall, I would have laid out the blocks as they were created, and the quilt top would be totally different, but you have to work with what you have.) Since I'm still not totally happy with it, it is going to undergo an experiment of layering designs.

Right now I'm busy quilting a garden on it, considering adding paint, and am planning to post a few pictures at a time. Hopefully I'll be happy with it when it's finished.

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Paddy's Daughter said...

I like it - there is a nice flow to the colours. Are the small curvy bits fused to the larger rectangles? Look forward to seeing the progress. Sue