Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Flower vest

Thank you Jean and Kathy for your nice comments about my vest! The vest pattern that I used is from Rosemary Eichorn, however the flower design is a one of a kind that I made in about 2 weeks. Shortly after taking the Prismatic Flowers class with Barbara Olson, I was cutting the fabric for Rosemary's pattern as instructed, and decided that I'd like colorful flowers on it. The flowers were quickly sketched on tissue, upside down blind appliqued from the back, and then the excess fabric was cut away. It was one of those what-if types of experiments that turned out well, and the whole vest was complteted in about 2 weeks. The only reason that I know that is because I was teaching some quilt classes at the same time, and the shop saw me showing it to my students while it was in progress, and were amazed how quickly it was finished. I must admit that whenever I'm rolling along in one of these type of projects, I do tend to ignore everything else that I can, because I'm so drawn in by it that I have to see if it is going to work, and how it will turn out.

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