Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pear quilt, or not?

I'm trying to reorganize my studio, and came across this butterfly that I created in a class with Karen Eckmeier a year or more ago. The class was fun, and I designed my own butterfly using her collage technique. If I do use it, I think it needs a flower or something else in the lower right.


Gayle said...

If it were mine (which it isn't of course) I would add a little bunny in the grass in the bottom right corner. Not real obvious, just "enough".

I enjoy your blog.


Kathy said...

First, I couldn't remember if I thanked you for stopping by my blog. Thank you! I just love your wallhanging. The butterfly is gorgeous. I think a flower or like Gayle mentioned a bunny would look very nice.

Judy S. said...

Love the butterfly, Lynn. I agree that the right corner needs something; I think flowers so as not to detract from the butterfly.

Judi said...

This evokes such a calm feeling. The butterfly is gorgeous. Are these fused fabrics and then you do raw edge quilting on them?
Judi S