Thursday, August 21, 2008

Carving rubber stamps

is so much fun! For some reason, I just needed to carve some leaves, so I carved large leaves on both sides of a smaller carving block, and stems with leaves on both sides of a larger carving block. I did a little test printing, and I like the way they came out!

Above is a picture of one side of the carved blocks (they are resting on my drying board, since they were still wet from rinsing, and below is the other side.

Of course, I had to do some test prints to see what they would really look like when I use them to print with, so I tried them out in my journal.

I think I might like to carve away the remaining background in the leafy branches on the right, but the leafy branch on the right is ok.

My yellow journal pages had already been colored with watercolor paints, which I had pressed plastic wrap into. After it was mostly dry, and the color would stay put, the plastic wrap was removed so that it could finish drying. I woner what I have that could be used to finish the page?


Doreen K. said...

Wow, great job carving. I have never tried to do stamp carving.

Angelcat said...

Your stamp designs are beautiful!