Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jewelry and Stone Donuts

Teri asked where I found the stone donuts - I found them at Fusion Beads in Seattle. They also have a website, and the website has newer products that are available before they arrive in the brick and mortar shop (I had gone there looking for beads in their newsletter, but they weren't there yet). You can find the donuts starting on this page of their site (in the New Products area of their site - near the bottom of the navigation menu).


laura west kong said...

That's some wonderful jewelry! I love stone donuts too ^_^

Dave Robertson said...

Hi, Lynn,

Just a note about another supplier in Washington State that has gemstone donuts -- and another showroom that's fun to visit. Rings & Things in Spokane has (literally) tons of donut pendants.

You can also check some out in person at our bead shows in Seattle +80 other U.S. cities.

HTH! --Dave at Rings and Things