Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mermaid Forest Socks - one down, one to go

This is where I am with my current take-along sock project. They are called Mermaid Forest Socks from SuzisKnits, and I love the way they are coming out (although I did decide not to continue the lace pattern down into the foot). The yarn I'm using is a Jumbo Gems superwash fingering yarn by louet, that has been hand painted in the Key West Waters colorway by Cherry Tree Hill.

They are going slower than the others for a few reasons, I'm knitting lace, which always takes me longer than simple knit and pearl designs, the pattern uses quite different heel and toe designs, and we have been spending less time in the car during daylight. Somehow we always end up traveling home in the dark, so there isn't enough light to knit by - not that I haven't tried. I've knit as the sun was going down, and then ended up taking out what I had knit because it was incorrect due to the fact that I just couldn't see what I was doing well enough. Well time to cast on the second sock, so it will be ready for the next trip.

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