Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Quilting Disks

On TheThreadSociety, I complained that I wasn't able to find my favorite tool, the Quilt Sew Easy Discs. Diane, at Quilter's Threads, said she was able to order them for me, so I'm super excited that they are still available!!!

What's so exciting about these, you ask? Well, I can't stand gloves, I've tried just about every kind, starting with the old bulky ones that look like jiffy grip with grippy dots. I guess I'm just not a glove person (unless I really need them to keep my hands warm). I'm a free motion quilter, and all I ever use to move the quilt with are these discs. The larger one goes on the left and the smaller on the right, under the arm of the machine (less space there, so smaller disc), without pressure, the discs grip the fabric and you can easily move the quilt (if I am having any difficulty, then it is always a matter of the quilt sliding off the edge of the table, or getting caught on something).

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