Friday, January 16, 2009

Urban Scraps - almost finished quilting!

Almost there.....
and I thought you might like to see the quilting designs that I've decided to use. Above, you can see part of the border, but the main thing is the all over teardrop design that I'm using for all the rail fence blocks.

For the quarter square triangle blocks are quilted with feathers coming out of the center, and is a new quilting motif learned online in the Longarm University mystery quilt class (and no, I have barely begun to piece the project - but at least I can say I'm applying the lesson).

And this floral design is a larger version of the one that I put on Donnie's quilt. It's more difficult for me to do it on a 9" block, and this one might be the first one I did, but I wanted to take some photographs during a quilting break).

The outer border is a combination of outline quilting the flowers, feathers, and a little stippling to fill in between them. Now back to quilting, so I can get that outer border finished and the next step, which as we all know is binding. If it wasn't going to be a pattern, I wouldn't add a sleeve, but this one will get one, to make it easier to display.
No, you won't get to see the whole quilt until it is finished and I am able to take proper pictures, you'll have to stay in suspense.

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