Sunday, January 11, 2009

Urban Scraps - progress

Wow, this one is taking much longer than the smaller quilts I've been making in the past few years. I was hard pressed to find floor space large enough to pin baste it, but managed to do half at a time in our entry. Of course, only being able to tape half of it down, means I could only tape on three sides, which really isn't the way I like to do it, but sometimes you have to just do the best you can with what you have to work with. Once the first half was basted, I pulled it up, turned it around, taped and basted the other side. While I'm quilting, I'm finding that there are a few places that I'm not so happy with, and I think it is due to not being able to hold the backing as well as I'm used to, but again, I'm doing the best I can - at this time - while mulling over my options for the next large quilt. Right now, I'm thinking maybe when I have others that are too large for my floor space, I should try having it basted by someone with a traditional long arm - after all, this is a full size quilt, and I have some king sized quilts for our beds that will eventually need to be quilted. Now, I wonder, how much does it cost to just have one basted????

In case you're wondering how large this is, it was about 90" square before I started quilting, and I'll have to see how much it shrinks with all the quilting I'm doing. Each block pattern has been quilted with a different pattern, and now I'm working my way out, presently quilting the red, innermost border. When I'm finished, I'll have to find a place large enough to photograph it flat, as it is going to be a quilt pattern - yeah, another challenge (good thing I like challenges).

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Michele said...

I love the colors and patterns in the fabric. I can't wait to see the finished piece!