Friday, January 01, 2010

Color and Weave Pinwheels - warping

New year, new warp!

This is only my 5th project on this loom, with only a few projects made on my Ashford Knitter's loom and Schacht Inkle Loom last year, so I'm still a new weaver, learning as I go.....

Anyway, since I tend to just jump into learning new things, I have purchased some books and e-books with lots of projects that attracted me. Although some are well beyond my understanding right now, those that have projects that I'm able to follow are game for me. So here's the start of the new project Color and Weave Pinwheels from the an e-book, Winning Towels from Handwoven's 21st-Century Towel Contest. I figured I might as well start with a pattern that didn't take too many colors, but was calling to me (and now "jumping in" is more of an understatement).

The warp measurements and lengths are for 2 towels, and since I knew I'd need some practice space, and had purchased plenty of yarn, I made a 4-1/2 yard warp, the size of my warping board, hoping that I might get 4 towels, even if one is a bit smaller.

Front of the loom with yarn going over top, and spread in the built-in raddle on the back.

Back view of warp being wound on, with layers separated by heavy brown paper.

Close up of warp threads. The colors I'm using are cream, tan, rust, and a black accent.

Once the warp was wound onto the back beam, the texsolve heddles were threaded, and threads were temporarily secured with a little slipknot until they are threaded through the reed.

Oops fixed: I found a single long strand slipped out as I was beaming the warp, but couldn't tell where it came from. When I spread the yarn in the raddle, everything looked ok, so I can only assume that when I tied the end of one yarn to the beginning of another when winding the warp, it was not a good join. Anyways, I had purchased a couple large bobbins for lacemaking, and one came to the rescue, allowing me to wind the warp thread and keeping it from tangling (of course, I'm going to need to remember to lengthen it every once in a while).

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