Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I've made progress

and some of my projects are nearly completed...

My Mr. Greenjeans cardigan is almost finished! Just a few loose ends to weave in, because I weave as many as possible in while knitting, and then it needs to be blocked and a button.

My Astrological Shawl is off the loom, waiting to be finished, and I love it! I was supposed to wind a 4 yard warp, but have been winding most of my warps 4-1/2 yards long, and wound it that long as well. Luckily, I had purchased the small remainder of a cone of the black just earlier that day, because I ran out as I was winding the second border.

I've learned a few more things while making the shawl. First, I decided to tie the warp on, instead of knotting and lacing it on, because I wanted fringe. Well, I ended up starting over without ripping, and so wasted some of the warp (time is money too), but still ended up with the shawl and more than a yard and a half of yardage. (I'll have to remember to measure before and after finishing this time.)

One warp comes off the loom, another goes on. When a friend and I were in Bellingham, WA several weeks ago, we both purchased some balls of Jaggerspun Wool-Silk for scarves. I've been wanting to try a scarf similar to the ones that I saw over on The Weaving Studio, and chose apricot and black to try a small scarf. Depending on the light in the room, the apricot is looking more orange than I want, but in daylight it looks great, so I'm moving forward with the warping process.

Hopefully, I'll sit and finish threading the heddles and start weaving soon, although yesterday I picked up a package that needs my attention. It's for the secret project that I've mentioned here and there over the past year, and almost time for an announcement.



Oh I follow Dave's blog and I know what the scarf is going to be! That's going to look great. I love the shawl, the black border really brings out all the colors.

Bonnie said...

The horoscope scarf looks great!

Lynn Majidimehr said...

Thank you for such kind comments Bonnie and Deep End of the Loom. I'm still such a beginner, muddling my way along, but now in the middle of a beginning 4-shaft weaving class!