Thursday, April 08, 2010

beyond my control - giveaway

Sometimes, for one reason or another, things just don't turn out as you expect. Take this bag for example, the pattern was free with yarn purchase, and of course I chose a different colorway than any of the samples. It was easy car knitting, which was what I needed, and the shape was coming along nicely. There was such a small amount of knitting to finish the bag, I finished knitting while watching TV the other night, sewed up the bottom (if I try it again, I will use Judy's magic cast-on and not have to do any sewing).

I decided I'd toss it in the front loading washer along with some towels, because front loaders don't usually felt as well as top loaders (or so I've heard), and went about the other things I needed to do, thinking I'd check it at the end of the wash cycle.

Well, along comes one of my sons, who just tosses everything in the dryer. Of course I only found out when I went to check to see if the washer had finished running, and found it already dry, and looking like this:

Luckily it was still a bit damp, so I was able to do a bit of shaping before it finished drying, but it shrunk much more than I had intended. If I make another, I'll have to watch the washer, or hand felt it in the sink. :-)

So now what to do with it? I could just use it as a container in my studio, or maybe with some embellishment and a single shoulder strap it could work as a purse or small tote??? I think it just falls into the category of better luck next time.

I know, I'll raffle it off to someone who might want it! If you are interested in winning this bag, leave me a message before the end of the month, and a way to contact you if you happen to be the winner.


Delighted Hands said...

I am smiling as I write this-I have three sons and can picture this scenario--he was being helpful and it backfired! Can you try rewetting and reshaping it? That is what I would do if I win it!

Knitchix said...

Oh, no Lynn...boys! You will remember this one day and laugh but not right now, eh? It might be fun to embellish it with a felted flower or two. :)

Knitchix said...

Oh, no Lynn...boys! You will remember this and laugh one day but not now, eh? It might be fun to embellish it with a felted flower or two. :)

Nancy Jacobs Basketmaster said...

I think you have it shaped quite nicely. I've been wanting to try felting but nervous about trying it.

Sylvia said...

I just felted my first bag. It was an interesting experience. Since I have a front loader, I don't think it felted as much as I would have liked in 2 cycles. I may try one more time. Love your piece, I would be happy to get it a home!

Dale Anne Potter said...

Sometimes they can be so helpful!
Could be embellished & look FABULOUS!