Friday, April 16, 2010

Last Week

So far, this year is flying by, nd it's hard to believe we're already halfway through April!

I've managed to put a new warp on the loom. This one is the tool holder from the November / December 2008 Handwoven Magazine. It's a doubleweave tool holder, or really a shuttle holder that will add some decorative storage to a wall in the new studio. I'm using different colors than those in the pattern, and love to see how the change of pattern changes the look of each layer!

Another thing I've pulled back out is the floral strip quilt that I started at least a couple years ago. If I keep it the size of my original design, I think it will fit a double bed, but not sure if it will fit the new thick, queen sized beds at the other house, so I'm hoping to get there to take some measurement, and then see if I can make if fit. The only kink I might have is the outer border and binding has already been cut. Here's a portion of the quilt with the border fabrics I'm planning to use:

The studio at the other house is as organized as it's going to get for now. Until we move there, I'm going to have lots of open space, but that will come in handy for basting quilts like the one above. At least I have a cutting table and tables that I can put my machine on, as well as a couple movable carts, and bins for fabrics and supplies.

Of course my husband's favorite spot is manning the pizza oven. We tried it out and everyone loved the pizzas!

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Delighted Hands said...

Cool weave-I will look for your article this fall. I love the space you have in your sewing room! The reno for mine will happen sometime in the next few months! I will not have that much space tho! Beautiful!