Monday, May 24, 2010

Three Days with Libby Lehman

The past long weekend in Libby's classes was absolutely wonderful! She is so organized, and has a wonderful set-up with a camera / computer / projector, so the whole class can see everything projected larger than life. We were all able to see what she sees when she sits at the machine, and we were able to see things that you'd usually need a magnifying glass to see right from our work areas! She gave us lots of great information about needles, threads, feet and other tools, organizing and even packing for trips. In the classes, we got a chance to play with all those fancy stitches that don't get used very often by quilters (some of which have been in my drawer for quite a while).

When several others starting taking pictures of Libby, I grabbed my camera and was planning to do the same, but when I introduced myself and mentioned that I had listed her as one of the references in my book, she asked about it, and I just happened to have a copy of the shop flyer with me to show her. At her suggestion, she held the shop flyer for my book, and I held her book (which I had her autograph), and one of my friends took the picture. Thank you Libby!!!

The Friday / Saturday class was called Circle This, and we used quite a few techniques on our samples, and played with the circle maker tools that attached with our machines. My sample isn't quite finished, but is almost ready to have the stabilizer torn away and be quilted.

Somehow there had been some confusion as to which class Libby was supposed to be teaching, and she came prepared to teach the Radiant Circles class, which is pictured on the cover of Bernina's Through the Needle magazine, issue 32. Well, since she had the handouts for the class, she generously handed them out to us, and explained how to do the circles. Even though I hadn't felt well all day in class, between dinner and the thought of that handout gave me a second wind, and I stayed up making this quilt top!

Sunday's class was Two for One Threadplay, and since we were working on two at the same time, I decided to use one to try out techniques on, and the other for my favorites. I really like doing free motion zigzag stitches on the edges of my applique leaves, and used it along the sides of the applique in a similar way that she used zigzag machine stitches, the difference being that I didn't need to turn the fabric to follow the curves, because I could stitch in any direction.
I haven't done bobbin work in quite a while, and as soon as Libby stitched a sample swirl, I knew it was what I wanted to use on my sample. This first little sample is finished, and I'm ready to tear away the stabilizer, and plan to use the circle tool to quilt circles with green metallic threads that will look like ripples in water.

Here is my sampler, still in progress. I still need to add more techniques that were shown in class, but it doesn't need too much added to be complete.

If I ever get a chance to take another of Libby's classes, I'll register asap, because it was such a fun class!


Vicki W said...

That looks like it was so much fun!

Delighted Hands said...

What an inspiring post-so glad you enjoyed the class so much. I especially like the radiant circles top!

Anonymous said...

I am pea green with envy over your chance to spend so much time with Libby. She is an awesome teacher!
And, one question. In your last photo, how do you make those dot/dashes around each curve? TIA.

Lynn Majidimehr said...

Vicki, it was very fun!

Delighted hands, I'm happy my friend told me about the classes before it was full, so I was able to get into them.

Sally, maybe she'll come your way soon, so you can take a class with her too. I think what you're calling dot/dashes may be the checkerboard stitch on my machine (towards upper right), centered on the edge of the applique. On this machine, the sections aren't square, but oblong, and I used a multicolor thread.