Monday, May 31, 2010

Very Old UFO - in progress

It's about time!

This baggie full of cut fabrics, complete with pattern and templates, has been hanging around my studio for a LONG time! I checked the publication date on the pattern, and it's 1992, and it's highly probable that it was purchased close to the publication date, and then cut from my scraps, and set aside. Some of you have asked how I end up with so many UFOs, and how then end up staying for so long. Well, my best guess is that this one was cut out shortly before my youngest was born (he was born the same year as the publication year), and since he was more than a month early, it was packed up, instead of being made, because we all know babies come first!

Lots of things have happened since then, including moving, and I guess whenever I came across it, there was always something more important, or more interesting going on. My simple plan to remedy this situation (yes, I have lots more UFOs), is to take them to my new studio, where I have limited supplies, and will actually pull them out and work on them because I don't work on my important projects there - well, maybe if I have to meet a deadline:-)

Anyway, compared to some other projects, this one was actually packed up so well that I could just look at the pattern and get to work (other than one little piece that I must have forgotten to cut - but I've already replaced it with a new piece). The pieces for each section were stacked, and the stars even had the colors sorted into individual star piles, with the first ones that were needed on top, and the last ones that I need on the bottom. The plastic templates were all in a little baggie, and the pattern was on top! Yep, this one was from a time where we did not get step by step assembly instructions - for the house block it just said to use the templates and follow the illustration to make the house, although I just measured them and cut the squares, rectangles and triangles with my rotary cutter. (I should have taken the picture before starting, but this is what it looked like after the house and first border pieces were taken out and assembled.)

Each one of these stacks is for one star - each one is different, all scrappy, but color coordinated within the block. (Notice the templates.)

Since I like random scrappy, I still laid out the pieces to each border before sewing, just trying not to have too many of the same fabric in one spot, as well as to make assembly easier (less chance of sewing something in the wrong direction). Of course, things happen...

One more border remains to be added - all half square triangles. I would have kept sewing, but we needed to leave, so this is how it will greet me when I return.


Delighted Hands said...

Excellent transformation of an old UFO! This is gonna be a great quilt!

Lynn Majidimehr said...

Hopefully, I'll get the last pieced border on soon, so it can be layered quilted, and finished.

Ineke van den Akker said...

Just love it. Home is where the heart is!

Lynn Majidimehr said...

It sure is, thank you!