Monday, November 15, 2010

Crazy Log Cabin Puzzle

Right before I left for Houston, I finished my "Oasis" quilt, but of course, I hardly had time to finish it, let alone photograph it, so pictures will be coming...

The other night, I stayed up and finished Madrona!!!!  The only things left to do are sign, pres again, and you guessed it - take pictures, so those are coming soon, as well.

Since those were done, I was able to get back to my crazy log cabins, and I decided to listen to one of my readers, and fit the wonky blocks together.  Here they are in progress (sorry I didn't think to take more):

The secret word here is "partial seams", as that was how I was able to get them to fit.  Start with two that fit together and go from there.  Some areas were built, then seamed together, leaving the ends unstitched, so that I would be able to continue the seam later.  To fit the last areas together, I marked where one edge overlapped the other, and then cut, adding a 1/2" overlap. 

Here's a close-up:


Delighted Hands said...

Very clever and a perfect way to join these blocks!

Anonymous said...

I love your crazy log cabins - the colours are so vibrant, and there is such wonderful movement.

Lynn Majidimehr said...

Thank you both! Right now it's laying in the studio, between George and my Bernina, trying to decide whether it wants to be a quilt or a bag.