Thursday, May 26, 2011

More Jewelry

I'm still practicing my wire working skills, along with some other projects, even though I know I need to get back to the Figs and Ginger quilts which have been waiting for me.  I think I've finally learned to make decent eye pins, jump rings and beads with eyes at each side! 

I sorted my furnace glass beads by color and used all the odd ones in this necklace.  The mix of colors goes with most of my clothes, so I could easily wear it every day! 

The donut bracelet was probably started over a year ago, but I ran out of donuts and finally found more that would coordinate with those already wired onto the bracelet.  My large donuts had been lost in the house for a long time as well, and I have no idea what made me put them where I found them, I'm just happy I finally found them and had a large donut that would coordinate with my bracelet!

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Delighted Hands said...

Very cool-you are really making jewelry and not just stringing beads!