Thursday, May 19, 2011

Trying something new

I've said it before - I love to learn new things!  Last week, I stopped by a stained glass shop that's relatively close to my shop, looking for a patina gel that I might use on the copper jewelry with parts that shouldn't be dipped in liver of sulfur.  As I was chatting with one of the ladies that work there, I asked if there were any books to learn more about copper foiling on glass.  Although they couldn't suggest any books, they told me about a three week class that started the next night, making beautiful glass boxes.  Newbie me, who had aspired to learn to cut glass, foil and solder it, signed up, thinking it was a beginner class, but finding that it wasn't really for beginners, so I'm working a bit harder than the other students, and making some progress in catching up in the techniques department.  All this reminds me of new quilters signing up for classes that are a little over their heads, trying to keep up, and like a new swimmer trying to keep their head above water!

Between a little extra help from the teacher and suggestions from some other students, I've learned to cut glass, and am practicing my soldering skills, even with a few setbacks - things like my soldering iron quitting on me, which meant waiting until the shop opened on Tuesday, so I could purchase a new one.  I did manage to cut out, foil and solder (the areas the teacher told us to solder) two boxes, and have another cut out.  My boxes are a bit wonky, definitely far from perfect, but I know I just need more practice just like I did when I learned to quilt!

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Delighted Hands said...

How wonderful-you did an amazing job for just starting out!
Oh, no hiding it-I am jealous! I inherited 12 boxes of colored glass when we cleaned out a shed at this house so I bought soldering iron and beginner kit to learn how to do stained glass but I have been too intimidated to try it myself! You are sparking some courage in me!