Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Knitting Projects Finished

You know I always have multiple projects in progress, usually working smaller, or easier bits while on road trips, and sometimes I finish one.  This time I have several finished knitting projects to show you, all of which were fairly quick and fun to knit, but still need to be washed and blocked!

Months ago, when I took the Aquitaine Cuffs class with Sivia Harding, she was wearing her Harmonia's Rings cowl (same as in the pattern picture).  I liked it so much that I bought the pattern and this beautiful yarn before I left the shop.  It's a fun knit, although I did end up searching my bead stash for larger beads, because the ones I had planned to use were too small.

The Seaweed Scarf pattern really shows off the varigated yarns!

My friend Cathy taught us this scarf when we were in Sisters - thank you Cathy!!!

Cathy had shown us another scarf she was working on, but we didn't see the yarn in Sisters.  When we went to the stitch 'n pitch, at least two booths had it made up and we had many color choices.  This one is mine, although I think it looked better in pictures and samples than it does on me, so maybe it will become a gift to someone who likes it????

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Delighted Hands said...

Gorgeous cowl-nice work. I am going to town tomorrow in St Augustine and visit the LYS there-I will be looking for the new ruffling yarns! The scarf is beautiful!!!