Tuesday, November 01, 2011

No Second Sock Syndrome

A little Cinderella sock story...

Usually, as soon as the first sock is complete, the second is begun.  However, once it was cast off,  this toe-up sock fit a bit too tight for my taste, so I tossed it back in the knitting basket while I considered if I should rip it back to the foot and make it longer.  Since I hate to rip, it has been there quite a while.  

One of my sons loves to wear slipper socks I've made him (I can tell he loves them, because they're either on his feet or in the wash all the time, and I've already darned them - time to make new ones), and his girlfriend asked if I could make her a pair of socks.  Well, I had my lecture / class coming up, and this month my vendor booth at the Block Party Quilt Show coming up, with much to be done to prepare, so I wondered how to get everything done and also knit a pair of socks.  I realized she has TINY feet compared to mine, and remembered the single sock waiting in the basket, so had her try it on.  She liked it and it fit!  So the second sock was cast on and finished, and now she has a new pair of socks!  

Knitting is much more fun than ripping, and sometimes, you just need to search for the right foot!!! 

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Delighted Hands said...

Charming story-it was Elizabeth Zimmerman who said to knit your item and then find someone it fits-she lived this story, too! Nice job on the knitting!