Monday, August 20, 2007

Butterfly collage

Earlier this summer I primed several pieces of canvas and clayboard with gesso so they would be ready and waiting for me. So yesterday I worked on this collage in between everything else, and was able to finish it this morning. The canvases are 5x7" and are hinged together so they are free-standing on my table. I thought about adding more layers but decided not to, as my husband liked it as is. The Images are from ARTchix Studio.


purplepaint said...

I love this! Beautiful images and great job on your paint! Marva

Sheri said...

oooo... i saw your post in arttechniques... this is a beautiful piece!

Mary S Hunt said...

How clever
You hinged the boards...I wouldn't have thought to do this!

Beautiful job on the collage !!!