Wednesday, December 26, 2007

First pastel drawings

Well, guess what I got for Christmas - pastels, and I'm having great fun playing with them!

The first one I tried was my version of Monet's garden (I think it needs more work), which I did while watching the pastel video "Landscape in Pastel, Reflections of Monet's Garden" by Urania Tarbet. I guess it's not bad for my first pastel.

Here is my second attempt - a landscape from a lesson in the book "Creative Painting with Pastel" by Carole katchen. Different techniques to play with, and I'm happier with this painting.

Ok, the last one for the day is my own design, but inspired by Ann Fahl, since I was watching her video "Ann Fahl Teaches you Coloring with Thread" while still playing with my pastels. This is my favorite so far, and I think it will be framed for my studio as soon as I add a couple last touches that I realized were needed when the picture was uploaded.

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Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

I think all three are lovely!